The Worlds Most Amazing Tattoos

Amazing tattoo designs for the daring diva!

 In this post we are unleashing our dark side and our love for some serious ink! Paying homage to one of our Dirty Shirty favourites, I only date guys with tattoos’ tee we are exploring some of the darn right crazy, amazing and creatively stunning ink out there!

 Are you a Dirty girl that appreciates some mind-blowing tats over some badly done skin scrawl? Then you’re going to love what we have in store for you! Here you go femme fatals, lets take a look at some of the worlds most inspiring tattoos that will make you want to get inked all over!

Say Cheese

We simply can’t get over the genius of this tattoo. Quirky, original and hilarious you have to be a girl with some serious balls and sense of humour to pull this off! Holding your forearm over your eyes you can create incredible selfies and pictures for any occasion! You could adapt this tat with any style camera you choose and some gorgeous colour to make it pop!

Sugar Skull

Sugar skull tattoos are simply incredible. Bright and bold colours showcase the daring attitude of its wearer. You can customise your sugar skull how you want or even have your own portrait turned into a sugar skull. We love these  especially when worn with ‘Dying to live’ Dirty tee!

Apple bottoms

We’ve heard of apple bottom jeans, but hadn’t heard of apple bottom bottoms! Dirty girls who’s brave enough to want this super tat? It’s ballsy, brave and absolutely crazy! If you want to enhance your junk, then what better way to do so than with to apples on your gorgeous glutes! You could even try this with peaches… or maybe that’s a little too far…?

Got wood?

This tattoo is simply mind blowing! The 3D tattoo boggles the mind with its incredible detail and depth. It makes the wearer look as though their leg has been carved out of a fine wood. Hours and hours of work will have gone into this masterpiece, would you fancy something like this?

Have you seen some amazing tattoo designs? Or have you got some yourself? If you are a Dirty girl with ink that you’re proud of we’d love to see it! Let us know what you’ve got or even better SHOW US!

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