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Dishing The Dirt

Dirty Shirty is all about attitude, not saying the right thing and daring to be different with your apparel! Sick of conforming to society’s standards? Want to make a brave statement with your clothing? Then Dirty Shirty’s bold, brassic and ballsy shirts are for you!

Stepping out of the ordinary, Dirty Shirty design and produce devilishly daring shirts for the fearless female. In this post we are going to focus on our top three Dirty Shirts this week and what it takes to wear them with style, sass and subtlety. Are you naughty but nice? Or maybe you’re a troublemaker and proud? Whatever you wild streak may be there’s a Dirty Shirt for you.

So heads up dolls, here’s our top three…

Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic

Are you a little bit plastic? If you’re a ballsy bird and aren’t fearful of supporting your love for all things plastic then this shirt is an excellent choice. Maybe you put those mean girls to shame with your love of everything plastic and are proud of your perfect pout or perfectly sculpted bust, if you’ve got it FLAUNT IT. Of course this shirt is risqué, but guess what? That’s why we love it!

What to wear it with

This shirt looks fab with some chunky black platform boots, a rustic biker jacket and some pink-framed wayfarer sunglasses.

Tattoo Addict

Do you find hipsters annoying? Do you prefer to get down and dirty with guys who sport some serious ink? Paying homage to all the tattooed totties out there, this shirt is for those dirty girls who can’t get enough of tattoos. A perfect way to stop someone bothering you with NO INK and simply NO CHANCE is to make a pretty bold statement and ensure you wear this shirt. Have you got the balls?

What to wear it with

Dress this shirt up with some vintage, high waist denim shorts and some oxblood Chelsea boots. For daywear grab yourself a beanie hat and a cropped biker jacket.

Good Old Fashioned DIRTY!

Is your wardrobe screaming for a detox? Is it time you incorporated a tee, which packed a great punch? Make a killer first impression with this hot pink Dirty Shirt! Vibrant and eye catching, dare to be different with this courageous statement tee. With a graffiti art design, this tee really is truly OUTRAGEOUS and is for all those dolls out there who aren’t afraid to embrace their dark side.

What to wear it with

You don’t want to draw attention away from this tee so wear it with some light blue jeans, some sneakers and some cute hair pins.

When do you wear your Dirty Shirts? Make us proud and let us know some of your favourite situations you have worn your Dirty Shirt in – or even better snap a picture!

Dirty Girls do it best

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